NDB Araliya Organises Non-Financial Service  Araliya forum in Anuradhapura

NDB Araliya Organises Non-Financial Service Araliya forum in Anuradhapura


As a responsible financial intermediary, NDB always strives towards delivering the best, most empowering and highly development- oriented financial solutions to its customers. As a part of its strategy, the Bank is dedicated to empowering women customer through various strategies, via NDB Araliya, to provide non-financial services such as workshops and forums that are specialised offerings focusing on empowering, educating and uplifting Sri Lankan woman.
Accordingly, a Non-Financial Service forum organised by the NDB Anuradhapura branch and the regional office, jointly with the NDB Araliya team was held in Anuradhapura, targeting female entrepreneurs who are Beauticians in Sri Lanka.

The forum participants gained the first-hand experience and knowledge of renowned beautician Nayana Karunaratna, who shared her insights and advice on topics related to beauty culture and development.

“NDB Araliya” is a bundled solution package offered, with the intention of easing off the pain points and providing effective solutions to achieve the goals of aspiring females. The bundle is an extension of NDB’s savings product dedicated to aspiring females, which was launched in 2017 and is a direct result of NDB’s Banking on Women strategic initiative, which is another core strategic pillar of the Bank’s 2020 strategy. Araliya is a market-research-backed initiative which addresses a market void, hence yields a distinct competitive advantage for NDB.
NDB’s bundled offer comprises loan facilities, overdraft facilities and credit card facilities, in addition to the savings product. Added benefits are branded debit and credit cards, business loans available for a wide range of purposes such as inventory financing, capital expenditure and business instalment loans, salary advance loans, salary transfers to employee accounts, etc.

The Araliya saving product also addresses the need for family protection, via a special insurance cover for the Araliya account holder, family or business. The initiative addresses a vast array of needs of each of the women’s segment such as financial support for business growth and financial security for the business and self in the entrepreneur category, efficient and time effective banking services and financial prosperity for salaried women and financial support for the family and ensuring family well-being for the female home-makers.

Araliya is NDB’s response to promote gender equality in access to quality financing in the Sri Lankan banking sector. It also actively promotes financial inclusion amongst needy and marginalised females spread across the country.

NDB Araliya often partners with the Bank’s CSR initiatives carried out targeting women, such as personal grooming sessions, business knowledge and technical skills sharing sessions, etc. No other Bank offers such a fully-fledged offering targeting the female segment, hence NDB has been able to secure competitive advantage in the women’s market with this initiative.

NDB will be conducting more such non-financial services throughout the year for women’s empowerment. NDB, as a Bank that holds three decades of excellence and experience in financially empowering Sri Lanka continues to take longer strides to reach out to and strengthen our Sri Lankan Women. NDB Bank, which is the first and to date the only corporate in Sri Lanka to officially be certified with EDGE Certification is a premier retail Bank with over 111 branches across the island, serving millions of Sri Lankans through a host of financial services. From its inception, the NDB Group which includes NDB Bank, NDB Capital, NDB Investment Banking, NDB Wealth, and NDB Securities has been a catalyst in the development of the nation, strengthening and empowering entrepreneurs, corporates and individuals from all strata of the economy. Customers across all group companies have benefited from the product and service offerings of the NDB Group.